Engagement Decoration by Classy Tent Decor

Engagement Decoration by Classy Tent Decor

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Engagement decoration
Engagement decoration

Here is a new model of engagement decoration by Classy Tent Decor. The decoration design is packed with a minimalist concept. Minimalist concept is loved by young people who want to hold their engagement party event. The party is an expression of gratitude for the implementation of the engagement event. As we know, engagement is an early first step to go to the next step is more sacred, namely the wedding.

Classy Tent Decor provides a variety of design Package Engagement decoration. Various Engagement decoration Packages to prepare the budget of event Engagement to be held. And whatever Engagement decoration Package you choose, we always work with high professional standards. So you will get the results of decorating a new model with the highest quality standards.

Make sure how many people the number of groups of Man’s family who will come at Engagement event. You must prepare a comfortable place for the guests of the Man’s family guest group. You should count the number of seats to be prepared. Good for Man’s family guest group of engagement as well as for guests and extended family of engagement. Preparation is done to keep the comfort of the entourage engagement.

Determine selected of Catering vendor with good reputation and delicious cuisine. Choose the type of cuisine and pastries that will be served to the party guests. Determine the point at the each area purpose of the event Engagement. You should allocate the area to be used for any Catering utilities.

Asked the vendor install Air Conditioning unit to make guests feel cool and comfort. Determine the number of Air Conditioning units to be installed depend on the number of guests who will be present at the Engagement party.
In the Engagement Decoration Package has provided 12 main seats. The main chairs are arranged face to face. The main seat arrangement is 6 seats for Woman’s family. And 6 seats for the Man’s family.
The chairs are setting facing each other. They are separated by 2 or 3 pieces of table placed in the center. The tables will be used to put the gift from Man’s family. Conduct of application from the applicant.
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